Posted 2018.07.11

Summer Makeover (Theme 0.3)

Welcome to the second iteration of the theme. It’s livelier and better set up for seasonal changes 😉 It definitely needs some polishing, but hopefully some variant of this will stick for a while.


The sepia / brown of the first look seemed nice when I first picked the color, but very quickly, I decided it felt rather desolate. For a project that was meant to put smiles on people’s faces, I figured a splash of color would do some good. And I can change it up with the seasons, so that’ll be fun!


In the beginning, I wanted to avoid boxes and borders because I wanted to go ‘simple’, but it looked kind of ugly. It was probably more that I was bad at designing than that the concept itself was bad. But well, I added a border, and it looks better.

A series listing page actually exists now also. As in, the menu links to ‘Series’ will take the visitor to an actual page. I had to add one because I’ll be adding some teasers soon, and they needed to be accessible…

The news listing page and the series index pages also got some updates. Hopefully they look neater. The latter also got a makeover on the dashboard side, which makes keeping the pages consistent much easier.