Posted 2018.07.03
Updated 2018.07.11 (14:51)

June 2018 Report

dD grunt, Em, checking in.

I started translating ‘If You Don’t Go To Hell, Who Will?’ on and off, starting sometime in April, but it wasn’t until mid-June that I actually posted anything. As I look back over the past two months, I wonder what I was doing with all my time…


My main translation project right now is, of course, ‘If You Don’t Go To Hell’. I kind of wanted to pick up a side project, but I didn’t really find anything that stuck. And besides, with how slow I translate, maybe that would have been a bad idea anyway.

The plan is to post 2-ish chapters each week, but really, how much I post is subject to how I’m feeling.

There are also a few stories that I translated one or two chapters for (while I was picking out projects) and I will probably put those up over the next month or two, just to bulk up the site a bit. Heh.


The website went live about a day before I started posting. I thought about what I wanted the layout to be for a while, and I wanted a minimalistic look, but it just looks shabby. I guess I’ll have to work on it some more.

Currently, I’m polishing the series index page and getting up a page to list all the (future) series that will go on the site.


AdSense earnings: $1.45 – I’m going to be rich, y’all
Pageviews: 8,190
Users: 945 – largest subset from the US, followed by Canada and then Indonesia
Reactions: 560
Comments: 32

Shoutout to H@chim@n, zayan atif, Duelo Literário G.N., Kimchigal, Janna, 10 Mai, crimsoniv0j, hujan biru, Readerch, savi, Lola Xxxxkiss for your comments these first few weeks!

Q. Why ‘Delightful Diversion’?

Because this started as a way for me to step away from the things that were bothering me in my life and to cheer myself up. It is a diversion that brings delight.

I found the quote on the front page as an afterthought. Fitting though, isn’t it?