Posted 2018.07.20

July 2018 Teaser Batch 2

I have two more series today. They’re a bit more girly, or at least, have female protagonists. One is a supernatural, mystery kind of story, and the other is a more typical lighthearted romance.

Ring The Chime Of Grievance

Slowly Falling For Changkong

Though I only translated two chapters of ‘Ring The Chime Of Grievance’, I read/skimmed through the first volume. I found that I enjoyed it enough, but it definitely takes its time. There’s romance, though it takes a backseat to the mystery aspect, at least in the first volume, but I kind of prefer to read/watch that kind of story.

I saw that there was a drama adaptation, but the reviews are pretty bad for it. The novel though does have decent reviews.

‘Slowly Falling For Changkong’ is a sweet romance by author Chestnut; she seems pretty popular on Novel Updates. It was actually ‘Midnight Cinderella’ that caught my eye, but I think another group is working on it? Well, ‘Changkong’ is her latest novel, and probably just as sweet as all her others, so I thought I’d toss it a bone.

I’ll be posting a third ‘batch’ next week. One of them was a serious contender for first project.