Posted 2018.07.16
Updated 2018.07.20 (20:04)

July 2018 Teaser Batch 1

A few weeks ago, I was tidying up my translations folder when I saw a number of novels with just a bit translated, and I figured that I might as well post the ones where I finished a few chapters. I did most of these a few months back, when I was trying to get a feel for translating and pick out a project.

I’m posting two novel teasers today, both of which are set in the modern day and feature a male protagonist. One feels a bit more adventure-y and revenge-y, while the other is a supernatural mystery. Mind you, I haven’t read further than what I’ve translated, so my descriptions might not be entirely accurate.

Strongest Counterattack

Deadly Delivery

I was proofreading the first chapters of both novels this weekend, and ‘Deadly Delivery’ seems to move a bit more swiftly because (I think) it’s more episodic, with each volume focusing on a different major event. ‘Strongest Counterattack’, on the other hand, takes its time setting up the background a bit more. From just the first two chapters, I think I’m a bit more partial to ‘Strongest Counterattack.’

One of the major reasons I didn’t end up continuing my translations was that both novels are quite long, and I just couldn’t imagine sticking with them for the long haul. But still, maybe check them out anyway.