Posted 2018.06.19
Updated 2018.07.11 (15:06)

Passersby A and B looked at me like I was a monkey in a zoo. Finally, they agreed, “Yeah, much better looking than in the photo.”


I glared at Zhong Yuan. “You showed them my picture?” And a very awful one at that!

Zhong Yuan looked at the boys innocently. “Where did you guys find her photo?”

Passerby A answered, “Someone posted pictures of you two eating together on the school forums. That post’s really hot… Zhong Yuan, you didn’t know? Ey, Junior Mu Er, you didn’t know either?”

I shook my head. Then I glanced over to the just-as-lost Zhong Yuan and asked, “What post?”

Passerby B piped up, “Go online and take a look. It’s sitting right on the front page of the forum. And it’s been there for a few days.” He pulled at Passerby A’s arm. “We’re off. Junior, you two, enjoy your chat… Zhong Yuan, make sure to get me an exclusive pic of you two. No need if it’s too mature.” And then the two boys slinked off just as sneakily as they’d come.

My face was red. I looked to Zhong Yuan and said, “That… You can’t give them my picture!”

Zhong Yuan smiled slightly. With a laugh, he said, “Well, that’ll depend on how well you listen.”

Damn it. Zhong Yuan just found another excuse to bully me.

After the Passersby left, another figure suddenly floated into the seat next to me. I turned to find the vice president of our school’s Environmental Alliance Club. She was a third-year and also very plucky.

Once I saw the vice president, I immediately put on my flattering face. “Senior Ling Ling, what a coincidence!”

Senior Ling Ling first smiled sweetly at Zhong Yuan before turning to greet me.

I didn’t know what I ought to say next. While I admired the vice president, I’d only ever spoken to her a few times, and we weren’t very close.

But Senior Ling Ling pat my bald head as if were very good friends and complimented me on the new hairdo. Just as I was at my wit’s end, she finally delivered a piece of good news. I was so excited that I didn’t even feel like finishing my meal.

She told me that I’d won a prize.

The Environmental Alliance Club was organizing a ‘get close to nature’ camping trip. I’d really wanted to participate, but all the students going would have to pay a fee for tent rentals and meal supplies, etc. And at the time, I was pretty short on money and could only walk away dejected. But then the club held a school-wide raffle to publicize the event. If your name was pulled out, you could go on the trip for free. Although the chances were small, I still held onto that small sliver of hope that I might win. I was really excited at first, but because the chances weren’t great, I forgot about the whole thing after a few days. Who’d have thought that this kind of news would suddenly smack me on the head today? I felt really happy but also a bit dizzy.

Senior Ling Ling pat me on the shoulder and smiled. “Congratulations, Mu Er. Starting today, you’ll be participating in our training. Camping requires a certain physical strength.”

I looked at her with sparkling eyes and nodded my head.

Senior Ling Ling gave a charming look to Zhong Yuan. She smiled and said, “Zhong Yuan ah, we still have a spot to attend for free. Are you interested?”

I grabbed Senior Ling Ling’s arm and looked at her incredulously. Weren’t the free spots filled by a lottery pick? Senior, has your brain short-circuited?

Zhong Yuan politely returned her smile and said, “Thank you, but I think I’ll pass.”

I quietly let out a breath. Having Zhong Yuan out of sight was such a marvelous thing. I grew more excited about the camping trip.

But then Zhong Yuan asked, “Blockhead, you wouldn’t want me to go, would you?”

I was still stuck in the pleasant surprise of Zhong Yuan having rejected Senior Ling Ling’s offer, so I didn’t catch on to his plans yet. Without realizing it, I nodded and replied, “Of course not.”

Then Zhong Yuan smiled and said, “Then I should go.”

I was speechless.

Senior Ling Ling hugged me and excitedly shouted, “Good job, Junior!”

Let go of me. I’m not your junior.