Posted 2018.06.18
Updated 2018.07.11 (15:05)


Passersby A And B

Zhong Yuan picked up my bike and sat on the seat. Then he pointed to the back and said, “Get on.”

Lying on the grass, I glared at him, refusing to get up.

Zhong Yuan smirked and said, “Do you want me to carry you over?”

Damn it!

I sprung up from the grass, pat off the dirt on my clothes, and then sat down on the back of the bike.

Zhong Yuan pedaled along easily, as if he were riding a fluffy sheep. He leisurely rode my bike, whose every piece but the bell made sounds, towards the dorms.

Meanwhile, I sat on the back of the bike gloomily, as stares came from all directions.

Zhong Yuan glanced back at me and said, “Junior Blockhead.”

I shouted back angrily, “I told you not to call me Junior Blockhead!”

Zhong Yuan replied, “OK then, Blockhead.”

I was speechless again.

Zhong Yuan said, “Blockhead, my bike was really stolen.”

As I heard that, an awkward sensation overcame me. But I immediately put on a fierce expression and asked, “You’re trying to explain things to me?”

Zhong Yuan said, “No. I just mean that, until I buy a new bike, I’ll probably have to keep using yours.”

I retorted, “You’re kidding, right? What am I supposed to use then?”

Zhong Yuan came back, “We have to eat together anyway. If you won’t give me a ride, then I’ll give you one.”

What crap! Of course I won’t be giving you rides! But I don’t want you giving me rides either…

I was about to reject his offer when another thought sparked in my head. And so, I replied calmly, “OK, but you’ll have to pay a fee.” Hahaha! Indeed, I have a knack for business!

Zhong Yuan, the spendthrift, quickly agreed. He said, “How about this? You can use my meal card at the supermarket as much as you want, until I get a new bike.”

Nowadays, your meal card was more of an all-purpose card. You used it to eat. You could spend the money at the school supermarket. You could get into the library. You could…

So when Zhong Yuan agreed to let me use his card to shop, I suddenly hoped that he would take a while to buy a new bike. What an evil thought!

But I soon found a problem. “If I hold onto your meal card, what happens when you want to go to the library? You can’t keep borrowing someone else’s, can you?” This guy was my bankroller, so I ought to show a little bit of concern for him, right? But even if he said it would indeed be inconvenient, I was going to defend my right to keep and use that card. Oh, I’m truly such a hypocrite!

Zhong Yuan replied without much concern, “It’s OK. When I want to go, I’ll just bring you along.”

I was silent.

I held myself back from making a scene, but still argued, “That’s really so inconvenient…”

Zhong Yuan cut in, “True. Then you should just give my card back to me.”

I immediately shouted, “No way!”

Zhong Yuan gave a sinister smile. “Actually, you can just give me your card. You really are a blockhead.”

What?! Why hadn’t I thought of that? I really needed to examine myself…

Zhong Yuan sent me to the entrance of my dorm, and then, as natural as could be, he rode off on my bike. I clenched my teeth and grumbled to myself. Who was the guy who said he couldn’t ride other people’s bikes? And here he was, riding that crappy, broken bike!

When I got back to my room, I reported to the girls about my activities that day. And then I regretfully told them that I wouldn’t be able to eat with them for the next month.

The girls kept their heads buried in their own work, as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

I felt like I was being ignored, so I stood up and shouted, “Hey, can’t you guys show some kind of response?!”

Just then, three heads turned up and six gleaming eyes were suddenly fixed on me. I nearly lost my balance.

Miss Fourth looked me up and down and then said, “You’re on Zhong Yuan’s radar now. I wonder if that’s going to be unfortunate for you or for him.”

Her words upset me, and I stuttered, “Wh-what does that mean?”

That’s when Lil’ Second slammed her hand on her desk. She lamented, “Blockhead Third, you can’t do this. My Zhong Yuan belongs to Lu Zijian. No one can steal him away, especially not a woman…”

While Lil’ Second was enjoying herself, Boss slapped her on the head. She gently pat Lil’ Second’s hair and smiled. “Blockhead Third, you and Zhong Yuan are on totally different levels. It’s still early so just keep your distance.”

I thought of all the things Zhong Yuan had done to me, and then I felt indignant at Boss’ words. Boss, I know that he and I are on different levels too, but did you have to put it so bluntly?

Wait. Wait a minute. What were the three of them talking about right now? The main point wasn’t Zhong Yuan…

In order to bring us back to the main topic, I cleared my throat and said, “What I was getting at is that we’re going to be apart for a while. Aren’t you guys sad about that at all…?”

Lil’ Second rolled her eyes and was the first to show her disdain. “Forget it. Just enjoy your time with Bottom Zhong… When have you ever not been the last to finish your food? You’re obviously a rough character, but for some reason, you always pretend to be so gentle and quiet when you’re eating.”

“You’re supposed to eat slowly. That’s common knowledge…” I said, glancing over at Boss and miss Fourth, hoping they would show some support.

But the two of them were looking over admiringly at Lil’ Second, like she was their spokesperson.

Damn it, the whole world had abandoned me.