Posted 2018.06.15
Updated 2018.07.11 (15:05)


Servant To The RMB

Although Zhong Yuan had made me do something to offend others, I still felt pretty happy. After all, I had a month of free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That interested me much more. Things like reputation were fleeting anyway.

The next afternoon, when I was about to try out my new meal card, my phone suddenly rang. It was an unknown number.

I picked up the phone. “Hello?”

A familiar voice came on the other end, “Junior Blockhead?”

Just that nickname alone put me on guard. “Zhong Yuan? What is it?”

Zhong Yuan replied, “I want to eat.”

I replied irately, “What? Are you going back on our deal?”

Zhong Yuan said, “I said you could use it, but I didn’t say I wouldn’t use it. You can either wait for me at the cafeteria, or you can pack me up something and drop it off at my dorm. Your choice.”

I was speechless.

Do you have to bully people like this?!

But what else could I do? When Zhong Yuan gave up his meal card so easily, who would have guessed that he’d use this trick? He’s trying to force me to voluntarily give up the card, is he? That miser!

No way! I’m going to sit right in front of him and eat up all his money!

At that thought, I clenched my fist with determination. “I’m in the second cafeteria. Come over.”

Zhong Yuan replied, “Perfect. I’m there too.”

And so I said goodbye to my roommates. Tears in my eyes, I headed over to where Zhong Yuan was.

I was like a nouveau riche at lunch. I ordered two dishes and a soup. Zhong Yuan was the one paying after all. My lunch was extremely satisfying. If only Zhong Yuan also showed a bit of concern about his money, it would have been perfect.

After I finished my paid-for-by-Zhong-Yuan lunch, I headed out to get my bike. And that rascal, Zhong Yuan, followed me.

I turned to look at him. “Didn’t we agree that I’d hold onto the meal card? I can’t trust your character.”

Zhong Yuan replied expressionless, “Yes, but my bike was stolen.”

I asked, “And?”

Zhong Yuan answered, “And we happen to be headed the same direction.”

Forget it. Just let it be. I unlocked my bike and graciously beckoned him over.

Zhong Yuan followed behind me calmly.

I watched as he stopped behind me and asked with astonishment, “Hey, you’re not… thinking I’m giving you the ride, right?”

Zhong Yuan nodded. Entirely unaffected, he said, “I’m not used to riding other people’s bikes.”

I wiped my sweat. “Have you ever seen a girl taking a guy on the back of her bike? Especially since I’m tiny and you’re gigantic!” Well, it was the truth. My 165cm may have been average among other girls, but compared to Zhong Yuan, I was pretty petite.

Zhong Yuan just smiled. “I’m gigantic? You should just be glad that I’m not Lu Zijian.”

I replied indignantly, “If it were Lu Zijian, I’d be happy to take him on the back of my bike. But you? No way!”

Zhong Yuan sat down on the back of my bike and with a thick face said, “Stop dawdling. I know that you’re really strong.”


I got on my bike and tried to pedal. No good. Zhong Yuan was too heavy. I tried again, but it still wasn’t working. Dejected, I looked at Zhong Yuan and said, “Bro, let me just admit defeat. Can you get off for a second?”

Pleased with himself, Zhong Yuan’s mouth curved up as he got off the bike.

I took the opportunity and started pedalling with all my life. Faster, faster! I had to get rid of this guy!

But as I was speeding up, Zhong Yuan didn’t miss the chance to just hop aboard. He even laughed arrogantly, “Junior Blockhead, have your tricks ever worked on me?”

As I pedalled on my bike, I started crying inside.

I’m scared of you, OK?!

After we’d traveled a bit, Zhong Yuan’s arm suddenly came from behind. Startled, I asked, “What… What are you doing?”

Zhong Yuan didn’t say anything, but he leaned forward against my back. I could feel the heat from his chest. I was just about to speak when a phone suddenly appeared in front of me. And the hand holding the phone was none other than Zhong Yuan’s.

In a bright tone, Zhong Yuan’s voice came. “Junior Blockhead, smile.”

Before I could grasp what was happening, I heard the sound of a camera shutter. Zhong Yuan’s snapshot was a success.

Zhong Yuan pulled his hand back and I heard his delighted laughter from behind me. He said, “Junior Blockhead, your expression here is amazing.”

I was bubbling with rage, but I couldn’t do anything. I could only focus on pedalling as he laughed… Oh, Heavens above, why have you given me such an ill fate…

Zhong Yuan was enjoying things from behind. He extended his arm again to show me the screen on his phone. When I saw my expression that was uglier than a person crying, I felt deflated.

Zhong Yuan, just know that I’m taking you down with me!

An idea suddenly popped into my head. I closed my eyes, lifted my hands from the handlebars, took my feet of the pedals, and the bike lost control. It slanted to the side and crashed.

I fell onto the grass so it wasn’t very painful. When I opened my eyes to check Zhong Yuan’s miserable condition, I found him standing at the side of the road, fully intact. He looked down at me with a look that said he was up to no good.

I couldn’t believe it. “You…”

Zhong Yuan replied, “It’s a shame, but I have pretty fast reflexes.”

I clenched my teeth. With resentment, I said, “Zhong Yuan, you did that on purpose!”

Zhong Yuan crouched down and smiled. He said, “Yes.”

I clenched my fists. “You’re doing this for revenge!”

Zhong Yuan immediately replied, “Yes.”

I didn’t know what to say.

Wow, he was so happy to admit that he did something bad? Freak! Weirdo! Shameless!

Dispirited, I said, “But you’ve already gotten back at me…” It’s your fault that I lost all of my prize money!

Zhong Yuan smirked deviously. He said, “I thought it was fun, so I wanted to get back at you again.”

Lying on the grass, I wanted to cry, but there were no tears.