Posted 2018.06.14
Updated 2018.07.11 (15:05)


Basketball Competition Winnings

After the award ceremony concluded, I ran over to Lu Zijian and thanked him.

As always, he smiled back. Beside him, however, Zhong Yuan said, “If you’re so thankful to Lu Zijian, why don’t you treat him to a meal?”

Me…? I don’t have any money…

OK, I may not have money, but I should at least keep some face. So, I gave a friendly laugh and said, “Senior Lu, I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Lu Zijian shook his head. With a smile, he said, “No, I couldn’t accept.”

I was about to reply that he was being too polite before slipping away, when Zhong Yuan cut in, “Lu Zijian, you’re going to hurt her feelings.”

I glared at him. This is none of your damn business!

Then Lu Zijian replied sincerely, “Then… Then sorry for troubling you. Haha.”

I didn’t know what to say.

I truly wanted to berate Lu Zijian that he was too easily fooled by Zhong Yuan!

But I couldn’t say that. I could only ask him, “So what do you want to eat?”

Lu Zijian looked over to Zhong Yuan, as if asking what he wanted to eat.

To be honest, when I saw the way he looked at him, I started to suspect if maybe Lil Second’s “BL theory”… No, no. That’s not the point. The point it that I invited Lu Zijian to a meal. What’s that got to do with Zhong Yuan?

Without minding his manners, Zhong Yuan spoke up, “How about chicken wings? We can’t let our junior spend too much money.”

Lu Zijian immediately nodded his head.

Zhong Yuan’s words sent a shiver down my spine though. Did that mean he was joining this meal now? Moreover, he was the one who insisted that Lu Zijian accept the meal and spend all my money!

Just then, my girls walked over impatiently. I put on a forced smile and said, “I’m treating Senior Lu to a meal. Do you guys want to join?”

Lil’ Second quickly shook her head. “Go on and thank your little top. We’ll pass this time.” Boss and Miss Fourth also shook their heads and declined to join.

I really wanted to give them a hug, I was so touched. It’s you guys who understand… If those three wolves went along, I’d definitely end up broke, no doubt about it.

Lu Zijian had been standing beside me, listening to our conversation, when he asked Lil’ Second curiously, “Hey, why did you call me a little top?”

Miss Fourth shot him a look of disdain. She answered for Lil’ Second, “Should we call you husband1 then?”

A flock of crows flew past and formed an embarrassed face.

It didn’t appear that Lu Zijian knew Miss Fourth, but Miss Fourth really didn’t like Lu Zijian. We suspected that there was some backstory to it, but Miss Fourth just wouldn’t talk. Suddenly, she rapped our heads, one, two, three… And we let her, without fighting back.

What can you do? It’s not like we could beat Miss Fourth. She learned karate and mixed martial arts. In a 1 v 3, she would still win easily.

Zhong Yuan had a big appetite. He twisted and ate the chicken wings delightfully. If looks could kill, I would have turned him into minced meat by then.

I sat next to Lu Zijian, eating as I tried to make friends with him. I realized that he has a very good temperament. And he really doesn’t seem to be able to lie… There aren’t many people like that in this day and age. Stars continued to twinkle in my eyes…

As we chat, I found out that Lu Zijian and Yuan Zhong were roommates. No wonder they always showed up together. I started to sweat a bit. Lil’ Second, you must be mistaken.

Lu Zijian’s dorm room was mixed, so there was Li Zijian, the chemistry student, Zhong Yuan, from business management, and two other boys studying computer science. I wasn’t interested in them, but from the sound of it, they were both bulls.2 I didn’t care much for that descriptor… If we were just looking at hairstyles, I, Mu Er, could also be called a bull.

I seriously suspect that Zhong Yuan’s appetite has some kind of computational function—when the owner was tallying the total, she rounded down because Zhong Yuan and Lu Zijian were frequent customers. The bill came out to be 100 yuan flat.

I angrily ripped open the envelope that hadn’t even gotten warm in my hands yet and reluctantly handed over Grandpa Mao to the owner. All of my efforts ended up wasted.3 Gods above, why is my fate so unfortunate…?

I’m running a bit low on cash lately. Usually, even though I’m pretty poor, I have enough to get by. But because I ended up breaking a piece of lab equipment, I had to spend a bit of money to pay for it. Hence my current difficult situation.

Originally, I’d intended to do well at the basketball competition and win some money. But in the end, I only got third place, and… Just the thought of it made me angry. I couldn’t help feeling that Zhong Yuan’s sole reason for existing was to upset other people.

I’m sure you can imagine the teeth-gnashing expression I had when I looked at Zhong Yuan.