Posted 2018.06.14
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Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry

All right, I’ve gotten sidetracked again… With basketball master Lu Zijian’s tutelage and my diligence, I realized that my shooting rate increased greatly in a few days. Even Boss, who had very high expectations, said, “Your shooting technique has gotten better. It could even scare others off.”

Though her words felt a bit out of place, I understood that she was paying me a compliment. I wasn’t confused by her, and I shared a lollipop with her too.

The crowd watched expectantly as the basketball club’s shooting competition came to a start. There were a lot of competitors. At first, I thought the boys would outnumber the girls by a lot, but on the day of the competition, the numbers were pretty even. Furthermore, they seemed rather overpowering. I wiped away my sweat. Were B University’s female students that interested in basketball? Or did they all need money too?

I was a bit nervous as I practiced in the crowd of girls. The ball was handling OK. I listened to two girls gossiping as I practiced.

Girl A said, “Hey, why are you participating in the competition? I thought you couldn’t even dribble the ball.”

Girl B replied, “I came to check out the guys, OK? I heard that Zhong Yuan and Lu Zijian are both on the judging panel.”

At the mention of Lu Zijian, my ears perked up. I held the basketball and stopped moving, focusing in on their conversation. Lu Zijian was judging? He’s so low-profile that I didn’t even know.

Then Girl A said, “Yeah. I heard that Zhong Yuan is judging for the women’s team, so I ran over to sign up. I’ll be so close to my idol that I could even touch him.” As she spoke, her excitement increased.

Girl B scoffed. She said, “That’s old news. It’s true that Zhong Yuan was originally going to judge the women’s team, as a way to win over the basketball club’s president. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many infatuated girls here. But for some reason, later on, Zhong Yuan insisted on switching spots with Lu Zijian, so he moved to judging the men’s team.”

Girl A asked regretfully, “Really? Why didn’t I hear about this?”

Girl B replied, “It’s absolutely true. Don’t forget, my boyfriend is in charge of organizing the men’s team.”

Then Girl A said, “OK, well, getting to know Lu Zijian isn’t bad either.”

Girl B couldn’t help laughing. “You’re going to be with the competitors, and he’s going to be with the judging panel. When are you going to get to know each other?”

Girl A made a disgruntled face.

Listening to them, I got fired up with expectations. Lu Zijian! Lu Zijian!

Zhong Yuan, you finally did something that doesn’t make me hate you. Good job switching!

While I was getting excited over Lu Zijian judging for the women’s team, I saw Lu Zijian and Zhong Yuan walking over. They were standing at the entrance to the court, talking to some people in the basketball team.

I figured I needed to do some flattering, so I eagerly ran over to them. I gave Lu Zijian a bright smile and waved to him. I said, “Senior Lu, hi. Please watch out for me today.”

Lu Zijian returned a kind smile and said, “Mu Er, good luck.”

I gave a firm nod and flattering expression.

Just then, Zhong Yuan gave me a sinister look. “Mu Er? I’m pretty sure your judge is me.”

I shot him a look of disdain. “Aren’t you judging for the men’s team?”

Zhong Yuan nodded. “Yeah. You knew?”

I shrugged and said, “Then my judge is Senior Lu. What’s it have to do with you?”

Zhong Yuan looked me over suspiciously. After staring a long while, he finally asked, “You’re a girl?”

I found his question super strange. Wasn’t that obvious? I glanced at him and replied, “Bullshit!”

Zhong Yuan repeated himself, “So you’re a girl?”

I glared at him. “Yes, I’m a girl. Are you saying you couldn’t tell?”

Zhong Yuan’s eyes seemed to sweep over my chest, and then he laughed. “I really can’t.”

I couldn’t hold back my anger at his gaze and his words. I must have lost all my senses because I nearly lost my voice shouting, “You can’t tell?! I’m this big of an A-cup, and you can’t tell?!”

Once the words hit the air, I immediately regretted it. OK, it’s true that I’ve always felt my breasts were the biggest A-cups out there, but discussing that kind of thing with a boy… I’m actually a very reserved person.

As expected, everyone around turned and looked at me with strange expressions, as if I were a Martian who’d just landed on Earth.

I felt so wronged that I really wanted to just find a hole and crawl into it.

That moment must not have felt awkward enough for Zhong Yuan, because he suddenly smiled and said, “I really couldn’t tell that you had the biggest A-cups.”

I was speechless.

God, just strike me dead with lighting right now…