Posted 2018.06.14
Updated 2018.07.11 (15:04)


Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry

I returned to the dorm and reported my battle progress to my roommates. And when I told them how I’d taken care of Zhong Yuan, three pillows suddenly flew at me…

The world truly felt like it was becoming more and more tragic. How was it possible that on the home field, in the chemistry school, Zhong Yuan was more popular than Lu Zijian?

There were four people in our room, and three of them had a messed up sense of beauty. They were all fans of Zhong Yuan, though for their own different reasons.

Boss liked Zhong Yuan because he was an elite. He was good at studying, and he had good qualities and abilities. I couldn’t shake my head enough. She was really living in a fantasy with that reason. They say that Zhong Yuan is more low-key than a ghost. What kind of good qualities and abilities was Boss seeing?

Lil’ Second (as she rejected us calling her Old Second) liked Zhong Yuan because she claimed that he gave off this air of a bottom who appeared unagreeable, but was actually a nice guy. To be honest, before university, I’d never really encountered BL territory. When Lil’ Second explained what an unagreeable bottom was, I couldn’t help laughing with my hands on my hips. Yuan Zhong was dominated by Lu Zijian. Hahahahaha… So when it came to Lil’ Second, I could accept her being a Zhong Yuan fan.

Miss Fourth (our nickname for her) liked Zhong Yuan because she didn’t like Lu Zijian. If she had to pick one between the two, then she’d choose Zhong Yuan. I had to express my disdain and condemnation for her reasoning!

Naturally, these three insisted that Zhong Yuan was better looking than Lu Zijian. That left me even more indignant.

Lu Zijian was 195cm tall. What about Zhong Yuan? Lu Zijian had developed muscles. Did Zhong Yuan? Lu Zijian had wheat-colored skin. Did Zhong Yuan have that?

With that, you all dare claim that Zhong Yuan is more handsome than Lu Zijian? What about him is handsome?

Everytime I say this, the girls would all chime in unison, “You’re the one with weird taste, OK?”

I couldn’t just take it lying down. “You’re kidding me. You guys are the ones with weird tastes. You, Miss Fourth, who’s the one who keeps chiming up that they want to keep a pretty boy on the side? And you, Lil’ Second, you’re like a BL bible. As for you, Boss. Y-you…”

Boss rested her chin in her hand and gave an alluring smile. Graceful and collected, she asked, “I what?”

Partly jealous, partly indignant, I shouted, “Your chest is the biggest!”

Boss, “……”

At this point, I think I should give an introduction to our dorm room.

In Room 1111, there reside four happy hoodlum girls. They are Boss, Lil’ Second, Blockhead Third, and Miss Fourth. Of them, I’m Blockhead Third,1 a nickname forced onto me by the other girls. As I’m a magnanimous person, I let the name be.

Each of us has things that we’re passionate about. Boss loves studying, Lil’ Second loves BL, I love money, and Miss Fourth loves playing. Boss is the most calm and collected of us. Lil’ Second is the most vulgar. Miss Fourth is the most formidable. I’ll share their glories and honors later. As for me, I don’t have any defining characteristics. I’m a bit lazy, a bit gluttonous, and I’m always short on money. If I had to give myself the title of “most” something, I guess I would be the most unsure of whether to laugh or cry…

This uncertainty exists because I go to a top university, one that I never dreamed of making it into. And at that school, I was mercilessly placed into the chemistry department despite knowing nothing about chemistry, and in fact, having a phobia of it. It’s a long story.

I went to an ordinary county high school. It was considered a top high school in the county for the reason that it was the only high school in the county. But placed against all the schools in the province, our school basically ended up gnawing on leftover bones.

When we took mock exams in my last year of high school, I usually placed 30th or so in my year. With scores like that on the college entrance exam, I should be thanking the heavens, the earth, and my ancestors for allowing me to get into a tier-1 university. When I filled in my application, I was just concerned with getting into a decent tier-2 school. I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad to get into some of those B-level schools. I didn’t even bother considering the A-level schools, so I just picked some super amazing top school for that option. I must have been very leisurely about it, as I also picked some astonishing majors on the card. And thus, my retribution came…

During the two days of the entrance exam, I must have gotten possessed. I kept thinking that my brain was calculating much faster than before. I even got to thinking that the ordinarily terrifying chemistry wasn’t all that sinister.

After the exam, when we were going over our answers, I grabbed the solution manual and went to my head teacher. Trembling in fear, I asked, “Teacher Li, this solution manual isn’t all wrong by any chance, is it?”

My teacher was a very nice, little old lady. She pushed her glasses up her nose and told me sincerely, “Mu Er, even if you don’t get in, you can take the exam again. I’ll guide you next year.”

At a loss, I said, “Why do I feel like all the answers I wrote are pretty much the same as in this book?”

My teacher pat me on the head amicably. With a smile, she said, “Don’t worry too much. Just enjoy a few more days of your summer vacation.”

I nodded, but the progression of events so far felt a bit fantastical.

The night before the exam results were posted, I stayed up until 11 before I fell asleep. The next morning, I was woken up by a call from the head teacher. That little old lady shouted, “Mu Er, how many points did you get on your entrance exam?! What’s your ranking in the district?! You should be able to get into B University…”

They said that it had been a long, long time since anyone from X High School had gotten such a good score.

The shock came very suddenly. Before I could even react, I was hit with another shocker.

I was accepted into B University’s School of Chemistry…

Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry…

The day the admissions notice came, the school principal and the town mayor joined forces to hire a group of people to come ring gongs and set off firecrackers at my house. They even put a silly, giant, red flower on me.

Wearing that big red flower, with gongs sounding around me, all I could think of was one word: Chemistry, chemistry, chemistry…

Like a madwoman, I would laugh and then cry, and then laugh and then cry. Fate, are you playing with me right now?!

Later on, while we were chatting, I asked the girls why they chose chemistry. Miss Fourth’s response was the most memorable. She said, “My dad said I could pick anything that wasn’t chemistry. So I picked chemistry.” Disobeying her father was one of Miss Fourth’s joys in life.

Holding on to a wisp of hope, I asked her, “But you actually hate chemistry, right?”

Chin in hand, she replied, “I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate it. It’s just too simple, and a bit boring.”

I fell into despair once again.