Posted 2018.07.14


Practical Training

That night, as I was heading to bed, I received a text from Zhong Yuan.

Zhong Yuan texted, “My roommates are all praising you.”

Curious, I asked, “Why are they praising me?”

Zhong Yuan replied, “They praised you for having passion, and lots of it.”


I asked again, “Did you explain things to them?”

Zhong Yuan simply texted, “I said all that I needed to.”

“What did you say?”

“I told them not to let their imaginations run away.”


Dude, if you say that, wouldn’t they imagine even worse things?

I finally texted him, “Whatever. Just make sure that you make things clear to Lu Zijian.” My beautiful image can’t get broken in front of Lu Zijian.

After a while, Zhong Yuan texted back, “Please stop thinking about Lu Zijian.”

Furious, I replied, “Why?!”

Zhong Yuan answered, “I can’t simply sit by and watch my good friend jump into the pits of hell.”

I sent back, “Go to hell!” You bottom!

After another short while, Zhong Yuan sent another text. “It’s not impossible for you to join Lu Zijian’s practical training group.”

I asked, “What about you then?” Didn’t you say you were the boss…?

Zhong Yuan replied, “I’ll join too.”

I held my phone tightly in my hand as the excitement got to me. See? I told you that Lu Zijian was really charming. Even Zhong Yuan was attracted…

Then he added, “But I have a condition.”

I asked, “What is it?”

Zhong Yuan replied, “Bring along your roommate, Miss Fourth.”


I asked him, “Why?”

Zhong Yuan answered, “You’ll find out when the time’s right. Don’t let her know I asked you to bring her though.”

Strange, how very strange. When did this guy start taking an interest in Miss Fourth? I suddenly recalled that he was reading ‘Psychology Of Love’ the other day. Could it be…? That didn’t seem right. He and Miss Fourth were like different species. Moreover, Miss Fourth was pretty tough and she had a pretty ordinary sense of beauty, so she probably wouldn’t like a strange alien like him. Wait, did that mean that Zhong Yuan was setting himself up for heartbreak?

Of course, that wasn’t the only possibility. Zhong Yuan is someone who likes doing all sorts of strange and embarrassing things, so this might be another of his tricks. If I could figure out what he was planning, that would be weird.

As much as I hated Zhong Yuan’s mysterious and suspicious activities, using Miss Fourth for the time being was probably OK, right? Oh, I seem to be growing more and more despicable.

Of course, if I wanted to bring along Miss Fourth, I could just bring along all my roommates. That would keep away any misgivings that Miss Fourth might have. So I happily went to discuss things with my roommates. Boss and Lil’ Second expressed interest, especially Lil’ Second. When she heard that Top Lu and Bottom Zhong were both involved, a bad, greedy look flashed across her eyes. But after hearing Lu Zijian’s name, Miss Fourth resolutely declined to join.

These results were far from my expectations. So then I joined forces with Boss and Lil’ Second to lobby Miss Fourth. The child before me impatiently pulled out the big guns. Lil’ Second immediately shouted out, “Miss Fourth, I took all your SD dolls! If you don’t join us, we’re going to pull off all the arms and legs! And I always keep my word!”

Miss Fourth had her arms hanging in the air, and she slowly lowered them…

I smiled to Lil’ Second and made a cutting motion with my finger scissors.

Miss Fourth clenched her fists and angrily retorted, “If you don’t give me my dolls back within three days, I’m going to cut your hands off!”

Lil’ Second gave an immoral laugh. “After you register, I’ll give them back. Would I dare not to…?”

Afterwards, I texted Zhong Yuan, “It’s taken care of.”