Posted 2018.07.12
Updated 2018.07.13 (02:02)


Fiery Red Kiss

I recently came to possess something very fun. A stamp. Yep. Of course, the stamp itself wasn’t the important part. The important part was the shape of the stamp—a pair of lips. To put it another way, if this was used to stamp someone’s face, it would look like they’d been kissed. I tested the stamp on my notebook and found it very entertaining. Too bad the girls wouldn’t let me try it on their faces. They nearly got together to annihilate me because of this.

I didn’t have class in the afternoon, so Zhong Yuan dragged me to the library to study. I told him that I didn’t think that studying with him was included in my duties, but unfortunately, he insisted that studying with him was a form of training with him… Yeah right!

I opened my advanced math textbook and looked through it while trying not to doze off. Zhong Yuan sat beside me, flipping through a book. I turned to check out what book he was reading… ‘Psychology of Love’?

Sweat. Zhong Yuan, oh Zhong Yuan. If I don’t look down on you right now, that would be a disgrace to this book’s name.

I very clearly chuckled as I continued reading my advanced math book, scorn all over my face. See this? See how different our leagues are?

Zhong Yuan didn’t get angry though. He pulled my notebook over and flipped through my notes. He flipped and flipped until he got to the page where I’d been testing my kiss stamp. The page was covered with bright red lips. It was ghastly and shocking.

Zhong Yuan’s eyes stopped on those lips. After looking a moment, he suddenly turned to me with a wicked expression. His lips curved up into a smile and his eyes glimmered. “Blockhead, are you really that thirsty?”

I didn’t have a comeback.

Angry and embarrassed, I snatched my notebook back. I ignored his poisonous words… That was all I could do. I’m not very good at bickering and arguing with words. If Boss were there, she’d beat him dead in an instant! Haha!

But Zhong Yuan wasn’t grateful for my patience at all. He smiled as he added, “If you really want someone to kiss, then…”

“Shut up!” I glared at him angrily. I was so worked up that I wanted to just pull out the stamp and prove my innocence, but then I suddenly got another idea…

OK, Zhong Yuan. You forced me to this…

I suppressed the burning flames of anger within me and went back to studying quietly. And Zhong Yuan also went back to his ‘Psychology of Love. I wondered which poor girl the rascal was going after. Let us have a moment of silence for her.

After a while, I nudged Zhong Yuan’s arm and quietly asked, “Aren’t you tired?”

Zhong Yuan gave me an odd look but didn’t say anything.

I continued, “Reading that kind of book would probably make you tired, right? You must be really tired. Don’t try to fool me.”

Zhong Yuan didn’t even bother looking up from his book; his eyes remained fixed on the book in his hand. With his other hand, he pressed down on my head and turned it away.

I angrily pushed away his hand and waited quietly for him to get sleepy.

God must have heard my prayers because not too long after that, Zhong Yuan started getting sleepy… You should know that this guy is usually very alert and fired up when he studies, so this was a very rare chance indeed.

“I’m going to sleep a bit.” Zhong Yuan yawned and then rested his head on his arms on the table.

I studied half-heartedly a little more. When I thought he’d fallen asleep, I gently nudged him again. I called quietly, “Zhong Yuan.” There was no response.

Looks like he fell asleep. I was delighted. I quietly pulled out my stamp. Zhong Yuan was sleeping on the table, one side of his face tilted up. He had really nice skin. How despicable.

I crept over to him with my stamp in hand. This guy was knocked out so he didn’t notice me creeping up to him at all. I smiled with satisfaction as I gently pressed the stamp to his face…

Everything proceeded smoothly. But it was just at that moment, before I’d removed the stamp from his face, that that guy slowly opened his eyes…